The INNOVATORS, which builds the 1st virtual & visual innovation ecosystem, debuts INNOVATORSverse on its 1st Birthday


The INNOVATORS, after one year’s building a virtual & visual innovation eco-system for important stakeholders: industry leaders, startup disruptors, and venture capitalists, debuts INNOVATORSverse on its 1st birthday. Launching with a creative video starting with its founder in both AI and Metaverse singing a Birthday song, INNOVATORSverse aims to build up a vibrant community of innovators in a First-of-Its-Kind video platform and series of creative video campaigns to bring emerging technology products from the innovation circle to the mass population. INNOVATORSverse is a Movement for innovation to shape our daily lives and for innovators to work creatively to drive our society towards transformation.

Starring in this inaugural video are innovators such as:, the private search engine that summaries the web for you;

BrainTap, neuroscience backed brain fitness company turning brainwaves into a symphony;

Vouch, business insurance for startups;

GoodTrust, a secure platform to protect and organize your digital life and legacy that includes estate-planning tools;

BlueJay Mobile Health – Remote patient engagement solution.

The INNOVATORS website just gets upgraded into a video platform for all innovators to broadcast their innovation. Now each innovator is encouraged to sign up and add up to 3 media assets to create its own video profiles or we call it “Virtual Billboard” with 4 designed buttons, which lead to its product explainer video, founder presentation video and a pdf flyer in order for the audience to have a 360 degree view of the company. There is also a “like” button and comments area for feedback. Each month, 6 innovators will be selected to be featured on top of each industry page based on traffic and reviews by industry stakeholders and the general public. A small batch of highly selected innovators will participate in INNOVATORSverse future series.

By now, The INNOVATORS has built up a virtual and visual eco-system for all important stakeholders, combining all functions of thought leadership, VC insights, startup showcase, industry resources, with both user self-generated content and highly curated content, aiming to empower startups with Learning + Marketing + Industry resources for success.

The INNOVATORS was launched exactly one year ago with a cohort of high profile “Healthcare Revolution” thought leadership video series followed by another “Future of Finance” series months later. With the participation of innovation thought leaders from 3 largest banks Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citi, Healthcare stakeholders such as Mass General Brigham, Dana Farber Cancer institute, as well as startup unicorns and VCs, it gradually built up a virtual SPACE for industry thought leaders to share industry insights and convene collective dialogues; The INNOVATORS then built upon it to become a CHANNEL for startups to broadcast their innovation towards industry stakeholders and the general public. INNOVATORSverse is an additional PLATFORM to empower highly selective innovators on creative marketing and branding in real use cases as well as various resources for success.

The founder of The INNOVATORS, Lin Yang, is an Asian female entrepreneur with uniquely combined background in TV+VC+higher education. She owes the fruit of The INNOVATORS to over 1 year working from home and easy video communication with no location limits during COVID.

The INNOVATORS platform now is open for all innovators to sign up and build their own “Virtual Billboard”. The inaugural video cover which resembles a Metaverse workspace of the INNOVATORSverse composed of these innovation products will be auctioned on NFT. We are also starting to accept nominations for Special Experience Officers as special guests for future INNOVATORSverse series.

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